My organization has had an diversity and inclusion incident. How quickly can you help?

The KJCG Rapid Response Team is your partner for strategy and thinking in tackling organizational challenges. Our team members with backgrounds in business management, organizational development, social justice, and diversity and inclusion can be there for your organization within 24 to 48 hours or sooner. If you think you need a rapid response, contact us now!

The Rapid Response Team helps you slow down. We act as thinking partners to make sure you are solving the right problem, creating quick and effective action. “We partner with you in helping to make something happen. We are coaches that provide counseling and affirmation,” says Fred Miller, CEO and leader of the KJCG Rapid Response Team.

Every organization encounters challenges, even ones that are high performing or a great place to work. Recognizing the need for a rapid response is a great first step. Sometimes being part of the system leads to acting quickly to address issues, dealing with the immediate crisis, but not solving the overarching issue. When the root cause is not addressed, the issue is likely to arise again. We can help eliminate or reduce the risk of recurrence of these problems. When you are in an organization it can be hard to see the source of issues. Our Rapid Response Team brings in a different street corner or perspective to ensure you are doing the right work at the right time.

The KJCG Rapid Response Team can partner with you to address immediate situations; solutions can be realized within hours to 2 months. Our Team will work with you to customize a solution that is the right size for you and your organization. When a problem is sizable, we can help start a larger scale intervention.

Whether it is big or small, we help to determine what change strategy is right for you and what will create the most benefit for your organization.


Is KJCG’s Rapid Response Team what your organization needs? Below are some situations we have encountered where our Rapid Response Team would be helpful.

  • Problem with diversity and/or inclusion within the organization
  • Engagement scores are turning negative and a quick plan is needed to correct them
  • Lack of confidence in leaders that is hurting the organization’s performance
  • Engagement of workforce going in the wrong direction
  • Sub-population finding themselves more excluded than others
  • Leaders losing credibility
  • Acquisition backlash
  • New start-up of a sub-system, plant, etc.
  • A meeting or event coming up where you want a thinking partner to make it more inclusive and successful
  • A senior leader’s attention is focused on something that needs to be executed quickly, such as losing a major customer
  • A short window to get something done. i.e. bring new thinking into a team, enhance team collaboration, or turn a team around to meet a short deadline (days, weeks, or months)