Our Company


The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc. specializes in long-term, strategic culture alignment, assisting organizations in creating inclusive, collaborative workplaces that unleash the talent and creativity of their people.

Since 1970, we have partnered with Fortune 100 companies, non-profits, education and healthcare entities, municipalities and governmental agencies, and founder-led businesses. Our experience shows that inclusion is a powerful “HOW” for:

  • breaking down barriers 
  • unleashing innovation and workforce engagement 
  • leveraging differences
  • and improving operational and financial success.

The mindsets and behaviors that create this “HOW” are what we bring to every client engagement—from good organizations that want to be better to those struggling through times of crisis and transition.

We have designed and delivered highly successful culture change strategies for hundreds of clients, educating and positioning tens of thousands of people to lead, interact, and work more inclusively. We have a long-standing history of assisting our clients in creating sustainable cultural change. 

We help you develop strategies and behaviors that:

  • Build momentum for change
  • Ensure inclusion becomes foundational to how an organization creates a productive culture that drives bottom-line results
  • Establish mindsets and behaviors that enable all people in organizations to do their best work
  • Continually achieve higher operational and financial performance
  • Improve communication and productivity throughout the organization