Presence Consulting®


The focus of Presence Consulting is accelerating the application of the Conscious Actions for Inclusion and Inclusive Meeting Norms. 

Presence Consultants attend work meetings, such as Tier meetings, staff meetings, and shift change meetings. They observe, assess leadership actions and group processes, and evaluate individual, group, and systemic effectiveness. Then Presence Consultants add value with real-time comments and suggestions, supporting individuals and groups as they problem solve actual work issues. Presence Consultants help to slow down interactions so leaders and others can recognize opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills they already innately have or have gained from Inclusion as the HOW educational events or other learning moments. With support and guidance from a Presence Consultant, people are able to apply their skills and learning in day-to-day work situations, accessing what they know but what might not be conscious for them in the moment. In slowing these interactions and assisting people to be conscious of and present in the moment, important application and process improvement can occur and become normative over time, enabling leaders and groups to then speed up, with improved effectiveness and higher levels of performance.