Organizations are spending a lot of effort on recruitment which is critical … but where do you go when you realize that your recruitment ofTalent is a revolving door?  Inclusion is what is missing.


Yes, recruitment is important for diversity, but recruitment is not enough!! Many organizations do an okay job with recruitment, but retention is a challenge for most organization. The cost of turnover is high and many organizations seem to be willing to tolerate that cost rather than investing in enhancing the way people interact so everyone can do their best work and the innovation that results in diversity can be realized.

If the interactions are not inclusive, if the mindsets are not inclusive everyone loses:

[if !supportLists]·         [endif]The organization

[if !supportLists]·         [endif]The team

[if !supportLists]·         [endif]The individuals


Diagrams to Include somewhere on website:

Path Diagram

Strategy Diagram

The Methodology

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