Rob Fijlstra

Rob Fijlstra Since 2008, Rob Fijlstra has been associated with The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc., as a Consultant Affiliate. He is widely known for his work in promoting organizational effectiveness, authentic leadership, interpersonal competence, and cross-cultural innovation.

Based in the Netherlands, Rob has been involved in organizational development for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations, helping people and organizations use their full potential for more than 30 years. He has served as an internal consultant with the University of Amsterdam, an OD manager with the Postbank (now part of the ING Group), and a partner in AVOP (a Dutch firm specializing in applied organizational psychology).

Rob has co-authored several books with his partner, Harry Wullings, including No-nonsense met een hart (No nonsense with a heart; Scriptum Books, 1996, 1998), Ondernemen met gevoel (Managing from the heart; Scriptum Books, 1998) and Nooit meer Sjoemelen (Honesty: The best policy; Scriptum Books, 2002, 2009 / Cyan Books 2004). He is a regular speaker at conferences throughout Europe and the United States and a highly valued facilitator of workshops on “Leadership in Turbulent Times” and “Interpersonal Competence.”

Rob holds a degree in social sciences from the High School of Social Dynamics, Amsterdam. He has been a Certified Management Consultant since 2003.