Senior Leadership Alignment


Senior leaders play a critical role in the success of Inclusion as the HOW. Their willingness and ability to provide visible, vocal sponsorship to the people of the organization—especially the people who are most closely partnering with them to make Inclusion as the HOW a foundational operating principle (Core Inclusion and Change Partners, Strategy Implementation Partners, Day-to-Day Team Member, and others)—has a direct impact on the speed at which people are willing to join, act, and influence others to practice the Conscious Actions for Inclusion and Inclusive Meeting Norms.

Senior Leaders must also encourage everyone in the organization to challenge old, established norms of interaction and advocate that people at all levels begin shifting the way they interact in service of improving individual, team, and organization performance so that the organization can accomplish its specific goals. Their ability to discuss, set expectations, apply the Conscious Actions for Inclusion and Inclusive Meeting Norms, and hold people accountable for applying them is critical to the acceleration and sustainability of Inclusion as the HOW.

  • Our work with Senior Leadership Teams is focused on giving them the foundational skills necessary to successfully lead using Inclusion as the HOW in their site/function. This is accomplished through several activities:
  • Conducting education and strategy sessions for teams, focusing on how they are interacting as a team, upskilling team members with regard to practicing the Conscious Actions for Inclusion and Inclusive Meeting Norms, and highlighting ways they can provide sponsorship to the site/function. 
  • Providing direct coaching and guidance to the leaders who are selected to act as Executive Sponsors of the effort. The Executive Sponsors have a higher degree of accountability for providing visible support of Inclusion as the HOW.
  • Establishing Leadership Pods to support the development of Senior Leaders’ skill at modeling the Conscious Actions for Inclusion and Inclusive Meeting Norms by providing a safe environment in which leaders can practice new behaviors and hear honest feedback to support their development.