1:30 pm13:30

ATD 2017 International Conference and Expo

  • Atlanta, GA

From My Turf to One Team: Developing Global Leadership Mindsets

Developing current leaders and maintaining a pipeline of talented future leaders is challenging enough in one discrete culture, let alone across the many cultures global organizations span. How do organizations develop leaders and executive teams that move beyond silos, turf, and judging mindsets to build the interactions that drive higher performance at every level in every location?

In this interactive presentation, Frederick Miller and Judith Katz will draw from our decades of global work to share the key mindsets and behaviors leaders need to demonstrate for more effective interactions. We’ll include examples of how practitioners can work with leaders to apply learning to local and global contexts, traps to avoid, tools for leaders’ self-evaluation, and guidelines for how they support others in the learning journey toward more collaborative teams and partnerships.

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1:45 pm13:45

2017 National Hispanic Corporate Council Annual Summit

  • Atlanta, GA

Bring Back the Feedback: Inclusive Leadership Development that Works

Perhaps nothing in today’s organizations is as essential—or elusive—as great leadership. Organizations must ensure that, as needs and priorities change, leaders are able to flex and grow to meet those changes. It is also clear that more organizations than ever are emphasizing efforts to ensure their workforces match the diversity of the world around them. This means leaders are expected to be more fluent in inclusion and working across differences than ever before. Training and education help build awareness and knowledge, but what happens after the training sessions? How can leaders practice what they’ve learned, especially as it related to diversity and inclusion, to maximize their impact? Providing a safe place with trusted people for ongoing, tell-it-like-it-is feedback is one way to accelerate leader development.

By popular demand, The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group joins the distinguished list of featured presenters for the 2017 NHCC Annual Summit. Presenters Frederick Miller and Judith Katz will outline a proven process for creating trusted, constructive feedback loops leaders need so that their development includes being able to effectively practice and model inclusive mindsets and behaviors.

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The Forum on Workplace Inclusion Annual Conference

  • Minneapolis Convention Center

Beyond the Classroom: Rapidly Integrating Inclusion as Teams Work

James “Mickey” Bradley, The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc., Senior Consultant  

Randy Wilson, Celanese, Talent and Org. Effectiveness Global Programs Leader

In a perfect world, the mindsets and behaviors people learn in D&I training would be seamlessly integrated into their daily actions. Instead, there are many barriers to application. From lack of leadership alignment to inconsistent goals and expectations, much of what people learn quickly falls by the wayside once they return to their jobs, despite their intentions. It is all too easy to slip into familiar patterns, making it difficult to integrate new behaviors. This leaves inclusion efforts foundering or struggling to gain traction.

In this session, we’ll share a method for speeding application of inclusive behaviors and skills so they become the new normal for how individuals and teams operate. This real-time intervention enhances the effectiveness of training, and increases the success of inclusion efforts by building clarity not only about the WHY for new behaviors but also the HOW of putting them to work for greater partnership and collaboration.

Learning Outcomes:

• Learn five techniques for intervening in workgroup interactions to accelerate application of inclusive behaviors.

• Build ability to recognize interactions that can provide opportunities for real-time application of inclusive behaviors.

• Hear tips for contracting with a leader or team to act as a guide in applying inclusion learning and skills.

4:00 pm16:00

ATD International Conference and Expo

  • Denver, Colorado

Perhaps nothing in today's organizations is as essential-or elusive-as great leadership. It is critical organizations ensure that, as needs and priorities change, leaders are able to flex and grow to meet those changes. Traditional training can teach many of the skills leaders need, but what happens after training sessions? How can leaders get honest, constructive feedback about their behaviors? How can they feel safe to learn and practice when everyone is watching their every move?

We have found the answer lies in Leadership Pods. Unlike 360-degree feedback, the leadership Pod, made up of a small group of peers, direct reports, business partners and others, provides direct conversation about observable behavior and its impact. Pods not only assist leaders in enhancing their performance, they also serve as a tool for engaging others in conversation about the new behaviors that are expected in the organization. They provide a vehicle for spreading these behaviors to high performers who then begin practicing them with their own teams and peers, creating a more organic, more sustainable flow of change in how people interact throughout the organization.

During this session, we will outline the Pod process, why it works, and how practitioners and leaders can use it to create the consistent, trusted, constructive feedback loops that are necessary for development.

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2016 Tri-State SHRM Conference

  • Hyatt Regency, Newport, Rhode Island

With all the messages we receive overtly and covertly, it can be difficult to recognize our own buried prejudices and biases. While blatant acts of discrimination and disrespect are not as prevalent as in the past, organization and HR Leaders make decisions and take actions unintentionally influenced by hidden biases when working across differences. Recognizing the impact that bias has on decisions reduces the risk of sub-optimizing performance, employee engagement, attraction and retention of talent, and stakeholder and community partnership. Participants will:

  • experience how unconscious bias and micro-inequities impact people’s ability to do their best work;

  • understand how people at all levels of an organization can recognize individual biases related to differences; and

  • learn mindsets and behaviors which HR practitioners can add to their toolkit to move from awareness of bias to being consciously inclusive.

4:45 pm16:45

National Hispanic Corporate Council

  • Washington, DC

The Path to Inclusion: Conscious Actions to Drive Teamwork and Collaboration
Yvonne Alverio, Judith H. Katz, and Frederick A. Miller
7 April 2016, 1:45-3:00pm ET

Efforts to increase recruiting and retention of diverse talent are virtually a given in most of today's organizations-but what about the workplace people join? Organizations cannot afford to leave any stone unturned when it comes to ensuring that people with the widest range of talents can fully contribute. Addressing barriers and unconscious biases are clearly helpful elements on the Path to Inclusion, but-more importantly-individuals, teams and the system itself must embrace and demonstrate Conscious Actions for Inclusion that create higher performing interactions, enabling everyone to contribute and fostering greater collaboration, partnership, and innovation.

Facilitated by longtime thought leaders in diversity and inclusion and organization development, this interactive session will present a model for understanding where an organization is along the Path to Inclusion and what people of all differences need in order to join, contribute, develop and succeed at every point along the Path. They will also provide client-tested strategies for moving along the Path and share some simple but effective behaviors-Conscious Actions for Inclusion-that leaders, internal practitioners and change agents can use to help ensure the gains made in increasing a workforce diversity are sustainable and impactful to bottom-line results.

4:30 pm16:30

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion

For organizations to compete successfully in today’s ever-changing, ever-more-diverse global marketplace, cultural transformation has to happen on the fly. But how can you continue to fly the plane while you’re rebuilding it in mid-air? How can you ensure that the changes enhance results rather than diminishing them? And how do you make sure you still reach your destination on time? To succeed, transformation has to happen quickly, broadly and dramatically.

In this presentation, Judith Katz and Yvonne Alverio will discuss how a 5-year change intervention in a 29,000-person global manufacturing organization led to greater innovation through creating a culture of inclusion that leveraged diversity across the globe. We will provide real-world examples of how developing a core group of people within 3 key groups facilitates and accelerates organizational transformation and effectiveness, as well as provide meaningful, easy-to-use approaches for measuring and communicating ROI.

For more information about The Forum on Workplace Inclusion, click here.

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Downtown Troy Business Improvement District Annual Dinner & Sammy Awards

We are pleased to announce that the Downtown Troy Business Improvement District (BID) has recognized Fred Miller and our firm among businesses that have helped make Downtown Troy a better place to live, work, and explore. We accepted the "Troy Vision Award" at the BID Annual Dinner & Sammy Awards on 2 December 2015 at the Franklin Plaza in Troy.

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OD Network/IODA Annual Conference

Fred Miller and Judith Katz gave a well-attended presentation at this year's conference on OD, Inclusion, and Diversity: Yesterday, Today, and Looking Around the Corner. The presentation centered on how we talk about differences in the workplace and in society has changed fundamentally in the last 25 years. We've seen shifts from a compliance focus of affirmative action to recognizing and articulating the business case for diversity in the workplace to focusing on not just representation, but the inclusion of people of all differences. Yet, stories related to diversity and differences are as alive as ever, from Ferguson (and beyond) to Gamergate to the battle for marriage equality. How do we as practitioners address differences and where does diversity fit in moving the field of OD forward? This presentation explored the evolution of diversity and inclusion, the challenges organizations face today, and how emerging trends such as Dialogic OD are shaping our approach to making an impact in how we change organizations.

11:45 am11:45

St. Louis Organization Development Network Annual Conference

  • St. Louis, MO United States of America

Between peer-to-peer leadership, networked organizations, greater diversity, and the demands of Millennials, the traditional organizational hierarchy is no longer obsolescing; it is dead—and the concept of the "boss" is dying with it. What model(s) of leadership will take its place? In this keynote, Judith Katz and Fred Miller will discuss the latest paradigms emerging in their client systems. Participants will hear how these new models of leadership will energize the future of organizations, and how we as OD practitioners can support our clients in leaping from last century's practices to future models. The session will feature a case example from a company known for its progressive approach, which is retooling the structure of its leadership, teams, and work to maximize accountability, ownership, performance, contribution, learning, and joy, and will also include discussion of the need to create community both inside and outside of organizations.

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