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Creating Inclusive Collaborative Workplaces

Achieving Higher Performance
Accelerating Results
Creating Interaction Safety


Inclusive workspaces ensure the right people are doing the right work at the right time. We know it’s tempting to treat inclusion as a WHAT—an initiative to complete and check off the list.

Instead, we see Inclusion as a HOWhow the culture makes it safe for people to bring their different ideas, perspectives, and talents, how teams interact more effectively to drive greater collaboration and innovation, how an organization aligns its culture with its strategies for higher operational performance.


We use Inclusion as the HOW to create alignment in organizations, unleashing the talent of people and accelerating results. 

Create and implement culture alignment strategies so that people can do their best work.

Inclusion as the HOW assists organizations in achieving effective interactions that drive bottom line results.

Introducing Interaction Safety & Our Newest Book, Safe Enough to Soar


Safe Enough to Soar: Accelerating Trust, Inclusion, and Collaboration in the Workplace

Safe Enough book cover

Organizations are only as productive as the interactions that take place among people. Interaction safety encourages reasonable risk-taking and inspires every individual to be brave enough to reach for higher goals and more ambitious possibilities. It is an environment that makes people feel safe enough to share not just their best ideas, but their still-in-formation ideas. It is a safety that accelerates building the trust so vital for inclusion and collaboration in one-on-one interactions, among teams, across departments, and throughout an organization. 

When interaction safety exists, people know they will not be penalized, ostracized, demoted, made small, discounted, or shunned because of their thoughts, contributions, and conversations. 

When interaction safety exists, the default assumptions are that…

  • We’re all on the same team and the same side.

  • All team members have the intention and the competence to add value.

  • The best solutions are those that consider all angles and incorporate all relevant perspectives.

  • The best route to success is building on one another’s ideas rather than tearing them down.

  • We can achieve more together than we can alone.

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