As a leading innovator in the field of organizational change, The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc.,
has introduced some of the most successful
change strategies of the past 40 years.

Late 1960s
Kaleel Jamison begins running workshops on differences (man/woman communication).

Judith Katz participates in her first NTL trainer-led T-group.

Kaleel Jamison becomes one of the first women management consultants.

Early 1970s
Kaleel Jamison begins addressing differences of color/race in the workplace.

Fred Miller attends his first NTL T-group in Bethel, Maine.

Kaleel Jamison repositions difference in the workplace as a performance-related business issue. Her article on this concept, “Affirmative Action Program: Springboard for a Total Organizational Change Effort,” appears in OD Practitioner.

Judith Katz's White Awareness: Handbook for Anti-Racism Training is one of the first to publish a book that challenges whites to find their vested interest in addressing racism.

Fred Miller facilitates his first T-group/Human Interaction Laboratory.

Judith Katz creates the Developing High Performing Organizations Lab.

KJCG introduces Four Corners Breakthrough.

In the workshop “Managing Sexual Attraction,” KJCG becomes one of the first management consultants to address the topic openly in the workplace. The accompanying article appears in Personnel Administrator.

Judith Katz writes the book No Fairy Godmothers, No Magic Wands: The Healing Process After Rape- a book to help rape survivors in the recovery process.

Kaleel Jamison writes The Nibble Theory and the Kernel of Powerwhich sells more than 160,000 copies and is listed among the 2008 Top 30 Books Every IT Leader Must Read.

KJCG is the first to define racism as colorism in an article by Fred Miller and Kaleel Jamison.

Fred Miller and Kaleel Jamison develop and facilitate Developing Organizational and Personal Self (D/OPS) workshops to transfer their knowledge about organizational change through leveraging diversity.

KJCG begins using Diversity Councils as levers for change.

KJCG begins to focus on inclusion for leveraging diversity in the workplace.

KJCG begins one of the first major diversity efforts with a large U.S. city. This work with the city of San Diego focused on the inclusion of women, African Americans, and LGBT people in the police and fire departments.

KJCG begins using 360 Degree Vision.

KJCG introduces The Path Model, a methodology for charting the stages to an inclusive organization, diagnosing the current state of an organization's inclusion efforts, and identifying the best approaches for change.

KJCG introduces “Leveraging Diversity and Creating Inclusive Organizations.”

Fred Miller and Judith Katz present “The Intersection of Diversity and Social Responsibility: A Real Opportunity for Social Change” at the Organization Development Network Conference.

KJCG introduces the 12 Inclusive Behaviors, a “way of life” for creating dynamic new ways of interacting that translate to higher individual, team, and operational performance.

KJCG actively consults with one of the top 10 companies in the United States to leverage diversity. The engagement included work on the adoption of domestic-partner benefits, setting a model for others to follow.

Judith Katz facilitates a workshop on What White People Can Do About Racism.

Judith Katz writes about heterosexual privilege in Cultural Diversity at Work.

In one of the largest corporate/community transformation efforts, KJCG works with a major corporation to address longstanding divisions between people of all races and economic statuses in two adjacent, midwestern U.S. cities.

Fred Miller and Judith Katz co-author The Inclusion Breakthrough: Unleashing the Real Power of Diversity, which provides a comprehensive approach to leveraging inclusion for organizational change.

Fred Miller and Judith Katz introduce the term leveraging differences in their article "Compliance, Leveraging Differences and Inclusion: They Are Not All the Same."

KJCG develops a new peer-to-peer strategy to incorporate Inclusive Behaviors and accelerate organizational change.

Profiles in Diversity Journal names Fred Miller and Judith Katz as two of its 40 Pioneers of Diversity.

The Organization Development Network presents Fred Miller with its Lifetime Achievement Award. He is the first person of color to win the award.

KJCG begins the practice of Presence Consulting, a methodology for providing real-time coaching and education in the midst of day-to-day operations.

KJCG introduces Inclusion as the HOW® , a breakthrough mindset for thinking about inclusion as an essential lever for achieving higher performance and accelerating results.

Fred Miller and Judith Katz co-author the book Be BIG: Step Up, Step Out, Be Bold.

KJCG introduces the 4 Behaviors That Change EVERYTHING.

KJCG introduces the Inclusive Meeting Norms.

Judith Katz and Fred Miller identify Joining as the breakthrough mindset for transforming interactions.

KJCG coins the term Global Standard Work for Interactions to refer to a set of norms and common language for enhancing interactions across borders and cultures.

Fred Miller and Judith Katz co-author Opening Doors to Teamwork & Collaboration: 4 Keys That Change EVERYTHING.