KJCG are experts in their field who truly practice what they preach. Their collaborative and co-creative style leverages the human energy inside a company to build on strengths and spark palpable change—inclusive change that engages every level of the organization.
— Walter Slade, Former Executive Director, Culture & Change, Merck & Co.

When your HUMAN systems are having an Amber Alert or a Code RED system outage, KJCG is the thinking partner you need to create a safe space for more effective collaboration and increased productivity. Their tools and language allow the corporate and technology functions to align with the HR functions. It’s like Six Sigma for people.
— Randy Tosch, Senior Director, Human Resources, Grainger

If you are ready to shift your culture into the future and engage the hearts and minds of multiple generations, then you need to work with KJCG. The tools they provided to support our group (to be brave and speak, or sit down and listen) helped create one of the most powerful meetings I’ve ever had in my 30-year career.
— Kathy Clements, Vice President and Finance Capability Leader, Catalyst at Ecolab

Thank you so much for your graciousness, wisdom, and expertise. You delivered the right messages at the right time and the right way. I believe lives were changed and certainly impacted in a positive way. Croydon Council has never experienced anything like our session with you and I don’t expect they would again.
— Grace Padonou Addy, OD Manager: Leadership & Change at the London Borough Croydon, UK

KJCG has a unique ability to not only work with individuals and support the development of organizational structures, but they can manage and move a group to powerful, new places, all delivered with a very high level of professionalism that gets results. They are the total OD package.
— Ted Freeman, Culture Officer & Facilitating Leader, EILEEN FISHER

I am still feeling the impact that Judith and Fred had on me personally, the people around me, and the wider organisation. We could not, in all our dreams, have hoped for more or better. The magic in the way KJCG worked with our organisation is a combination of very real practical, every day actions and the spirit of the celebration of humanity. In bringing these together in a real, accessible and clearly articulated message, they have helped to ignite the positive energy and hopefulness of a group who may otherwise have felt burdened by the seemingly impossible task of changing an organization’s mind set. They have, in a few short hours, given us the capacity to help ourselves make the change. Teach a man to fish…
— Sarah Garner, Head of Learning and Organisation Development at the London Borough of Croydon, UK