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Inclusion: The HOW for the Next Organizational Breakthrough

Every massive social change calls for a breakthrough in the way organizations work. In today’s big shift—from the industrial economy to the Connection Age—that breakthrough must focus on the interactions between people: HOW people connect to unleash their ideas and creativity for success in a challenging marketplace. To address this issue, Inclusion as the HOW® establishes new mindsets and expectations for how people behave, treat one another, and operate within the enterprise. The results are a more connected workforce, wider bandwidth for collaborative thinking and innovation, and higher operational performance. Click here to read.

Katz, J.H., & Miller, F.A. (2010). Inclusion: The HOW for the Next Organizational Breakthrough. In William J. Rothwell, Jacqueline M. Stavros, Roland A. Sullivan, and Arielle Sullivan (Eds.), Practicing Organization Development: A Guide for Leading Change(3rd ed.) (pp.436–445). San Francisco: Pfeiffer

The Need for Speed: It Starts With Interaction

More and more organizations are making decisions quickly - they have to, given the challenges of today’s marketplace. So how do individuals and teams fulfill the need for speed? With two essential building blocks: trust and interaction. To move quickly, you must be able to trust that your colleagues will follow through on commitments and work with you for the common good and shared success. To build that trust, in turn, requires interaction: taking the time to get to know others, what is important to them, and how they do their best work. Almost any team can move faster and more efficiently with these two building blocks in place. Click here to read.

Copyright 2010 The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc. All rights reserved. No duplication permitted without written consent. 518.271.7000. This article appeared in Chief Learning Officer, vol. 9, no. 6 (June 2010).

Grow Yourself, Grow Your Team, Grow Your Business: The Challenge for Today’s Leaders

How can leaders practice new behaviors - and move toward internalizing them - when everyone is watching their every move? To create a breakthrough in this area, leaders need a supportive environment in which to grow, learn, and hear honest feedback. That environment has been successfully replicated in the Pod: a small group of six to eight people, selected by the leader, who meet with her or him regularly to discuss and practice new behaviors. In the process, Pods not only provide the feedback that leaders value so highly, but also demonstrate how inclusive behaviors can identify issues, change interactions, and improve performance. Click here to read.

Copyright 2011 The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc. All rights reserved. No duplication permitted without written consent. 518.271.7000. This article first appeared in Practising Social Change, no. 4 (2011).

Presence Consulting Creates Lasting Change

Many organizations face a disconnect when initiating change efforts. People leave an electrifying session on the power of change only to return to the same old systems, which make change difficult to implement. How can they learn to live the change in the “real world”? Enter Presence Consulting: a dynamic bridge between education sessions and day-to-day work interactions. By living day to day in the workplace alongside the people who work there - modeling the new behaviors, pointing out areas for continuous improvement, listening as allies - Presence Consultants foster a sense of trust and safety that enables them to help others practice the new behaviors. This ability to practice, together with the shifts in mindset inspired by Presence Consultants, improves the chances for permanent and lasting change. Click here to read.

Copyright 2011 ASTD Links. This article first appeared in ASTD Links (15 June 2011).

People in a Box

In the Industrial Age, workers were valued for their hands and feet, not their minds. Management knew best, and people were asked merely to do as they were told. Today, that model no longer works because of the external challenges facing organizations, as well as the attitudes and beliefs of new generations in the workforce. Indeed, the coming generation’s emphasis on meaningful work, fast promotion, multiple careers, and other values continually challenges the notion of company loyalty. How can organizations adapt to this new environment? By letting people out of the box of organizational rules and regulations. Flexibility and respect for differences are key to organizational success and higher performance in this environment, so the notion of keeping people in a box needs to cease. Click here to read.

Copyright 2003 The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc. All rights reserved. No duplication permitted without written consent. 518.271.7000. This article appeared in HR Review (Spring 2004).

Tapping the Wisdom of the Ages: Ageism and the Need for Multigenerational Organizations

Everyone is talking about the “brain drain”: the Boomer exodus that has already begun to sap organizations of their intellectual capital. What is the connection between this and ageism? What can organizations do to offset this drain and leverage the possibilities that will enable all generations to contribute and all individuals to reach their goals?

We need a mind shift FROM thinking of age as a relatively innocuous dimension of difference (a dimension in which we accept limits and stereotypes as fact) TO seeing the value of an organization that is truly multigenerational, using the best thinking from everyone and leveraging opportunities that can only come from cross-generational creativity. Click here to read.

Copyright 2007 by the Organization Development Network, Inc. All rights reserved. Published in OD PRACTITIONER, vol. 39, no. 2 (2007).

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