A More Welcoming, Inclusive and Safer Troy

On Wednesday, 7 October 2015, a three hour community conversation was hosted by KJCG, along with community partners, about creating A More Welcoming, Inclusive and Safer Troy at Bush Memorial Hall on The Russell Sage College campus in Troy, New York. This conversation, with 230 engaged people, focused on ways that citizens, community members, students, police, city government, businesses, and civic and religious leaders can work together, honor our diversity, and make Troy a more welcoming, inclusive, and safer city. The event sparked a conversation that helped to shape a community that values all and conveys belonging, appreciation and neighborly goodwill; a community that celebrates connection and cooperation with care and respect—without exceptions. The event had a very diverse turnout, with people of all social economic groups, ages, races, and employment conditions. Participants each filled out individual Call-to-Actions and Big Ideas, ideas that are beyond the scope of an individual. This is one piece of a larger movement to make Troy, New York, a more welcoming, inclusive and safer place.


The KJCG Team