Food Manufacturer

An international group specializing in food, drinks, and retailing retained our Firm a week after acquiring a frozen and specialty foods manufacturer in a hostile takeover. The acquisition made the company one of the top food manufacturers in the world. The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc. played a significant role in facilitating the mind shifts necessary to reinvigorate the newly acquired brand and align the goals of the workforce with those of its new parent.

As part of the effort, our consultants worked in every major business unit, and the Firm was deeply involved in team-building sessions with the CEO and presidents of all major divisions.

Energy Company

One of the largest companies in the United States retained The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc., to transform workplace interactions throughout the organization. We worked directly with the CEO and his executive committee as the new ways of interacting were formed and implemented.

As part of the engagement, we conducted strategy and educational sessions, facilitated meetings with the executive committee, and consulted extensively in numerous business units — including those in Latin America and Europe. Our work accelerated in both scope and intensity as the corporation positioned itself for a merger with a major competitor.

Business Services Company

The corporate marketing unit of a fast-growing company was beginning to deal with a more diverse, global clientele, and that led it to The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc. Our work focused initially on the unit's mission, vision, and strategy with regard to its workplace and ways of interacting. Then, on the heels of a significant merger, we were intensively involved in designing a series of educational events that brought people together in groups of 150-250 to start creating organizational alignment.

As part of our work, we outlined a plan to integrate the two corporate cultures and worked closely with the company's COO as he led the merger and integration.

Chemical Manufacturer

A chemical manufacturer had purchased an American multinational corporation, creating one of the largest chemical manufacturers in the world. Our Firm was retained to help both organizations as they worked on integrating their respective environments following the merger. We partnered with leaders to create a template for new ways of interacting that would merge the best of both organizations.

Our consultants conducted extensive interviews in both organizations, then brought their recommendations to the CEO and the executive team.