Inclusion as the HOW® for Competitive Advantage

A large financial firm sought to increase its market share by establishing a new environment in the workplace. We were retained to build momentum toward that new environment through Inclusion as the HOW.

Our comprehensive data collection and analysis helped the senior leader and senior team discover the necessary strategic direction for transforming their workplace. To create a critical mass for change, we formed a group of advocates who completed six months of intensive education in communicating and partnering across differences. The group was comprised mostly of middle managers who were identified as influential leaders in the organization.

In the process of developing a business imperative for high performance, the organization realized it had a key area of limited competence: its customer service representatives could not communicate with their changing customer base due to the multiplicity of languages and cultures represented among customers. To address this, the organization retrained its workforce for better response to customer needs while shifting its profile of necessary skills for new hires.

Even today, the company continues to do internal training based on our work. Using our materials, it has made significant progress against strategic objectives and is using Inclusion as the HOW in day-to-day business operations. The organization is a model within the parent company for approaching high performance through Inclusion as the HOW.