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The Forum on Workplace Inclusion

Changing the Plane in Mid-Air: Leveraging D&I for rapid transformation and innovation
Judith H. Katz and Yvonne Alverio
30 March 2016, 1:30pm CT

For organizations to compete successfully in today’s ever-changing, ever-more-diverse global marketplace, cultural transformation has to happen on the fly. But how can you continue to fly the plane while you’re rebuilding it in mid-air? How can you ensure that the changes enhance results rather than diminishing them? And how do you make sure you still reach your destination on time? To succeed, transformation has to happen quickly, broadly and dramatically.

In this presentation, Judith Katz and Yvonne Alverio will discuss how a 5-year change intervention in a 29,000-person global manufacturing organization led to greater innovation through creating a culture of inclusion that leveraged diversity across the globe. We will provide real-world examples of how developing a core group of people within 3 key groups facilitates and accelerates organizational transformation and effectiveness, as well as provide meaningful, easy-to-use approaches for measuring and communicating ROI.

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