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ATD International Conference and Expo

Bring Back the Feedback: Leadership development that works (M117)
Judith H. Katz and Frederick A. Miller
23 May 2016, 1:00-2:15pm MT

Perhaps nothing in today's organizations is as essential-or elusive-as great leadership. It is critical organizations ensure that, as needs and priorities change, leaders are able to flex and grow to meet those changes. Traditional training can teach many of the skills leaders need, but what happens after training sessions? How can leaders get honest, constructive feedback about their behaviors? How can they feel safe to learn and practice when everyone is watching their every move?

We have found the answer lies in Leadership Pods. Unlike 360-degree feedback, the leadership Pod, made up of a small group of peers, direct reports, business partners and others, provides direct conversation about observable behavior and its impact. Pods not only assist leaders in enhancing their performance, they also serve as a tool for engaging others in conversation about the new behaviors that are expected in the organization. They provide a vehicle for spreading these behaviors to high performers who then begin practicing them with their own teams and peers, creating a more organic, more sustainable flow of change in how people interact throughout the organization.

During this session, we will outline the Pod process, why it works, and how practitioners and leaders can use it to create the consistent, trusted, constructive feedback loops that are necessary for development.

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