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2017 National Hispanic Corporate Council Annual Summit

Bring Back the Feedback: Inclusive Leadership Development that Works

Perhaps nothing in today’s organizations is as essential—or elusive—as great leadership. Organizations must ensure that, as needs and priorities change, leaders are able to flex and grow to meet those changes. It is also clear that more organizations than ever are emphasizing efforts to ensure their workforces match the diversity of the world around them. This means leaders are expected to be more fluent in inclusion and working across differences than ever before. Training and education help build awareness and knowledge, but what happens after the training sessions? How can leaders practice what they’ve learned, especially as it related to diversity and inclusion, to maximize their impact? Providing a safe place with trusted people for ongoing, tell-it-like-it-is feedback is one way to accelerate leader development.

By popular demand, The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group joins the distinguished list of featured presenters for the 2017 NHCC Annual Summit. Presenters Frederick Miller and Judith Katz will outline a proven process for creating trusted, constructive feedback loops leaders need so that their development includes being able to effectively practice and model inclusive mindsets and behaviors.

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