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We partner with organizations to achieve higher individual, team, and organization performance and accelerate results by creating inclusive workplaces worthy of the commitment, energy, talent, and creativity of their people.

Our Approach

What is inclusion? Inclusion is a sense of belonging: Feeling respected, valued, and seen for who we are as individuals. There is a level of supportive energy and commitment from leaders, colleagues, and others so that we–individually and collectively–can do our best work.

KJCG uses Inclusion as the HOW® to co-create transformation with our clients. By developing the mindsets and behaviors that lead to breakthrough interactions and people being able to contribute their full range of thinking, while feeling valued, respected and allowed to do their best work, the organization widens its bandwidth for innovation, problem solving, and competitive advantage.

Our process is tailored to each client's needs but includes a focus on four key areas:


We find and develop the most effective opportunities for success—pockets of readiness, current success practices, investments that can yield big returns—to gain the maximum payoff from every effort.


Coordinating and connecting all organizational initiatives and activities so they work together creates a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts and helps break down the silos and barriers that prevent organizations from achieving flow and collaboration.

Both formal and informal leaders of the organization need to learn and model the mindsets, behaviors, and skills the entire group is moving toward.  They need to build trust and be positioned as aligned, visionary stewards of the organization.


High performing organizations foster an environment of continuous development and discovery. In a world and marketplace that is constantly changing, organizations must constantly adapt and grow in order to sustain their success.


Return on investment

Why Recruitment Is Not Enough

The cost of turnover is high and many organizations seem to be willing to tolerate that cost rather than investing in enhancing the way people interact. By investing in their current staff, organizations ensure that everyone can do their best work, and have the opportunity to realize the innovation that comes from leveraging diversity.  When interactions and mindsets are not inclusive everyone loses:  the organization, the team and the individuals.

How Your Organization Can Benefit by Engaging in a Change Investment Strategy

  • Attain an Inclusive and collaborative work environment
  • Achieve high quality interactions
  • Develop leaders—both the current and future leaders, and have a leader in every chair
  • Retain talent
  • Attract talent