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Our newest book - available NOW!!

Do you feel safe enough at work to share your ideas and thoughts? Raise tough issues? Deal with conflicts? Do your best work?

Best-selling authors and renowned organizational consultants Fred Miller and Judith Katz announce the publication of their newest book which outlines the four levels of Interaction Safety and how to create organizations safe enough for everyone to soar.

Many people feel unsafe in work interactions. They hold back, hesitate, and make themselves smaller out of fear of ridicule or retribution. The lack of interaction safety is why new ideas and new people often have such a hard time succeeding in today's organizations, and directly contribute to why stress levels are so high. Many people have the skills they need to do their best work and the ideas to solve problems, but lack the safety to apply them.

This book describes what constitutes a safe environment and the actions―by both leaders and team members―necessary to create collaborative, inclusive workplaces in which people feel safe enough to be their best selves.

Written in plain, everyday language, Safe Enough to Soar: Accelerating Trust, Inclusion, and Collaboration in the Workplace identifies the default mindsets and behaviors that create hostile work environments and block collaboration, engagement, and partnership. The book provides a simple, step-by-step process that will enable organization's individuals, work-groups, and teams to move past the dysfunctional mire of defensiveness, micro-aggressions, cover-your-ass compromises, and judging; and launch them into the innovation-inspiring, collaboration-fostering zone of organizational bravery.

When people feel safe enough to act and interact, they step up, speak up, and fully engage...and they and their organizations spread their wings and soar.

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