Presence Consulting®


Presence Consulting accelerates the rate at which people apply the inclusive mindsets and Conscious Actions for enhanced organization, team, and individual effectiveness and higher operational performance.

Presence Consultants attend meetings to observe interactions; assess leadership actions and group processes; and evaluate individual, group, and systemic effectiveness. Presence Consultants add value with real-time, in-the-moment comments and suggestions, supporting individuals and groups as they work to problem solve actual work situations. 

Presence Consultants help important application and process improvement occur and become normative by:

  • Slowing down workplace interactions so people can recognize opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills they already have innately or have gained from educational events or other learning moments;
  • Having the leaders they partner with apply new skills in daily work situations, reminding them of what they know, but what might not be conscious for them in the moment;
  • Helping people to be conscious of and present in the moment; and
  • Enabling leaders and groups speed up but with improved effectiveness and higher levels of performance.