Fred & Judith’s AI Article Noted in New Book  

Fred A. Miller and Judith Katz article The OD Imperative to Add Inclusion to the Algorithms of Artificial Intelligence was noted in a new book published by Jeremy Knox, Yuchen Wang, and Michael Gallagher.

The article written by Fred and Judith outlines the importance of and processes behind artificially intelligent products and why writing algorithms for unbiased data is a priority, among other aspects of the algorithms behind artificial intelligence products. This article was noted in Knox, Wang, and Gallagher’s newest book, Artificial Intelligence and the Mobilities of Inclusion: The Accumulated Advantages of 5G Networks and Surfacing Outliers.

If you would like to give Knox, Wang, and Gallagher’s book a read, it can be found either in a hard copy format or a PDF version here.


Megan KaliszComment