OD Network/IODA Annual Conference

OD Network/IODA Annual ConferenceOD, Inclusion, and Diversity: Yesterday, Today, and Looking Around the Corner 18 October 2015

Matt Ninihan, Mila Baker, Judith H. Katz, Fred Miller

Fred Miller and Judith Katz gave a well-attended presentation at this year’s conference on OD, Inclusion, and Diversity: Yesterday, Today, and Looking Around the Corner. The presentation centered on how we talk about differences in the workplace and in society has changed fundamentally in the last 25 years. We've seen shifts from a compliance focus of affirmative action to recognizing and articulating the business case for diversity in the workplace to focusing on not just representation, but the inclusion of people of all differences. Yet, stories related to diversity and differences are as alive as ever, from Ferguson (and beyond) to Gamergate to the battle for marriage equality. How do we as practitioners address differences and where does diversity fit in moving the field of OD forward? This presentation explored the evolution of diversity and inclusion, the challenges organizations face today, and how emerging trends such as Dialogic OD are shaping our approach to making an impact in how we change organizations.

To view or download a copy of their presentation, CLICK HERE.