The Promise of Diversity (Out of Print)


The Promise of Diversity (Out of Print)

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Edited by Elsie Y. Cross, Judith H. Katz, Frederick A. Miller, and Edie Seashore (Irwin Professional Publishing/NTL Institute, 1994)

This groundbreaking collection of insightful essays represents the best thinking on diversity issues by the people who are defining the field. A contemporary, future-focused anthology, it represents the views of over 40 leaders, researchers, and practitioners who are actively working to address issues of oppression and diversity in organizations. Their enlightening essays cover such topics as:

  • Throwing away the "melting pot" idea and regarding diversity as a strength
  • Optimizing the value of individual difference through an organizational systems approach
  • Developing cross-gender partnerships
  • The white male's current position at the intersection of race and gender
  • Sexual orientation as a workforce diversity issue
  • The problems faced by white women and women of color