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Joining, Not Judging: Bridging Divides to Enhance Interactions and Create Inclusive Workplaces

The rapid change organizations are undergoing requires us to work together more quickly, effectively and innovatively than ever before. Yet organizations often overlook a choice that makes a huge difference in interactions — the choice to judge or join others. In uncertain times, judging is the go-to behavior, though it creates fearfulness, reluctance to speak up and an incredible amount of wasted energy and potential. Joining requires coming out of your bunker to be open and trusting, and to operate as if we're in this together, setting aside mindsets of competition, isolation and protectionism. How do we create inclusive environments in a polarized society or in workplaces where people don't know who they can trust or where they can be heard and valued? In this session, we'll discuss the impact of judging and the need to join others, and share behaviors foundational to a joining culture that can be immediately practiced by anyone.

Frederick Miller and Judith Katz.

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