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What could your organization achieve with more collaboration and teamwork?

Higher performance? Quicker problem solving Faster and better decision making? Higher productivity? Transformative breakthroughs?

How often do the doors to collaboration and teamwork remain closed because people:

  • don't feel safe to speak up?
  • misunderstand each other's intent?
  • don't want to hear different points of view?
  • don't trust each other?

How can people open these doors to unleash the full potential of themselves, their teams, and their organizations?

Judith and Fred share four simple but powerful keys that will help you and your colleagues knock down barriers and create a winning team. Regardless of organizational level, your team will form a lasting bond that upholds an idiom my associates and I learned long ago: No one of us is as smart as all of us.
— Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager and Great Leaders Grow

Opening Doors to Teamwork and Collaboration: 4 Keys that Change EVERYTHING is a must-read for anyone interested in accelerating their collaboration and teamwork, from C-level leaders to front line team members. Read more about the 4 Keys below, or click here to purchase the book.

4 Keys That Change Everything

We know this is a BIG statement. These 4 Keys do change every interaction. We have seen it. We have lived it. And yes, we understand why you might be skeptical.

We would doubt such a BIG claim, and we won't blame you if you doubt it too. But we have observed these keys at work in organizations all over the world. The Keys provide a common language that everyone can use. They are simple and powerful.

Key #1 Lean into Discomfort
Opens the Door to Trust

Opening this door feels like I am taking a risk, but if I want greater teamwork and collaboration, I need to Lean into the Discomfort I feel in order to get to know you better. How else can we work together? How else can we solve problems and eliminate confusion and wasted effort?

When I Lean into Discomfort I help make it safer to be honest and open with you. As I feel safer, and you feel safer, we can open the door to trust. Unless I am willing to Lean into Discomfort, the door to those possibilities and potential will remain closed.

Key #2 Listen as an Ally
Opens the Door to Collaboration

When I Listen as an Ally, it enables me to hear what you, my team members and colleagues, are saying, and for all of us to build on each other's ideas.

Slowing down to really hear you is the key that unlocks the door to collaboration, which results in the faster achievement of our goals.

Key #3 State your Intent and Intensity
Opens the Door to Understanding

When you State Your Intent and Intensity, it helps me, my team members, and my colleagues take the guesswork out of suggestions or directions and opens the door to greater understanding of each other. Stating my Intent and Intensity does the same for you.

As the door to understanding is opened, I see how to contribute more quickly, confidently, and decisively. When I know how best to contribute, I know how to add value; and if you do the same, we can each add greater value. And this combined greater value results in our saving time as we achieve Right First Time interactions.

Key #4 Share Street Corner
Opens the Door to Breakthroughs

When you Share Your Street Corner and I share mine, we learn to hear differences as contributions, rather than as sources of conflict. As we share our different perspectives, we can see the fuller 360-degree view, use our combined resources, and achieve breakthroughs none of us could have envisioned or accomplished alone.

For an excerpt from the book click here.

This book is filled with wonderful common sense-alas, uncommonly practiced. Those who want to improve their own communication and their team’s collaboration skills cannot come away untouched.
— Beverly Kayne, founder and Co-CEO, Career Systems International, and coauthor of Help Them grow or Watch Them Go and Love 'Em or Lose 'Em
The beauty of Opening Doors is its ability to translate complex human interactions into simple but meaningful language that helps leaders unlock the potential of their organizations and initiate transformational culture change that will result in more engaged employees, higher productivity, increased performance, and stronger, more sustainable business results.
— Rohini Anand, Senior Vice President and Global Chief Diversity Officer, Sodexo
This book is a laser beam on what makes work and all other relationships work. It declares that face-to-face relationships-not technology, not clear objectives, vision, and metrics-are what make organizations adaptive and sustainable.
— Peter Block, author of Flawless Consulting, Stewardship, and Community
This book is the best training I’ve received on how to achieve breakthroughs for greater performance. Devoid of jargon, it demostrates brilliantly how countless opprotunities can arise when we choose to have more collaborative moments in life.
— Michelle Martin, radio personality and host of The Wow Club, 938LIVE, MediaCorp Radio, Singapore