Partnership and Leadership through Uncertain Times

Leading people in uncertain time with many unknowns is difficult and can be scary and frustrating. Below is a list of helpful mindsets when partnering and leading during uncertain times.

  1. Create shared values and collective purpose—we are in this together.

  2. Emphasize the core values.

  3. Enable people to experiment with and contribute to solutions without adverse repercussions.

  4. Give feedback and be transparent. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Keep people apprised of how well or not well things are going.

  5. Inclusion as the HOW©—Foster a Joining environment

    • Create a work environment where the challenges are made visible and discussed in a collaborative manner.

    • Ensure people know their input matters and their voices will be heard.

    • Stay alert for opportunities to apply your best behaviors, even when you can’t apply them all the time.

    • And,

      • Extend trust;

      • Assume positive intent;

      • Promote cohesion and connectedness;

      • Think we, not I;

      • Create interaction safety to allow people to share their concerns.