Traps to Becoming a Multicultural Organization

Below is a list of Traps of Becoming a Multicultural Organization written by Judith H. Katz & Frederick A. Miller in 1985. Sadly, many of the ‘traps’ referenced still exist today in trying to make organizations inclusive and diverse.

Trap to Becoming a Multicultural Organization
By Judith H. Katz and Frederick A. Miller

The belief or attitude that…

  1. Short term training will do

  2. No bottom line and vision connection to the effort

  3. Perceptions don’t count or data, data…

  4. Waiting for a key person to fully get on board

  5. Having untouchables in the organization

  6. Not wanting to upset anyone

  7. Leaders not clear of the extent of the effort needed for change

  8. An isolation effort, or let EEO take care of it…

  9. Divide and conquer - pitting one group against another

  10. Let’s nibble the effort and the consultant

  11. Not being clear that BOTH intent and effect count

  12. Making the effort so big and unfocused that it is unclear and has water-downed impact

  13. Change agent burn-out

  14. The myth of the happy ending…that it is a one and done regarding the change versus an ongoing effort