Bob Doherty, former Executive Director, St. Peter’s Addiction Recovery Center

I was a Director level employee in a Health System that had its origins in a Faith based organization. We were located in a the city of Albany, NY and the patients served were more diverse than the work force. It was also a competitive environment for work fore recruitment and retention. The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc. (KJCG) was engaged for a multi-year effort to assure that we were a welcoming, culturally sensitive, inviting system to both patients and the workforce.

Rather than focus on minority recruitment, or patient satisfaction and comfort, KJCG targeted the organizational culture. Assuring clear and obvious messages of inclusion and value for all-- and in particular to persons of color and all cultural backgrounds. To establish the conveyance of invitation to all, the first trainings were for Senior Executive and Administrative staff for three full days of varied sensitizing exercises. This aimed directly at expanding behaviors that contribute to a message of value and invitation to all. This resulted in full top down commitment and a clear vision of our specific goals regarding cultural competence and change actions and activities.  

This was very effective and helpful to all and the organization.