Get set to Soar - Frederick A. Miller & Judith H. Katz to publish 4th book

KJCG is pleased to announce that Fred Miller & Judith Katz’s book, tentatively titled Safe Enough to Soar: Accelerating Trust, Inclusion, and Collaboration in the Workplace, will be published in October 2018 by our favorite publisher Berrett-Koehler (BK). BK is an independent and socially responsible publishing company whose values align with those of KJCG (their mission: Connecting People and Ideas to Create a World that Works for All). 

This will be Fred & Judith’s fourth collaboration for BK, building on their leadership in the field established in their previous books, The Inclusion Breakthrough (2002), Be BIG (2008), and Opening Doors to Teamwork & Collaboration (2013).

Safe Enough to Soar will focus on interaction safety which is the supportive and liberating safety that enables individuals, teams, and organizations to perform at their highest levels and soar to greater heights. 

Lack of interaction safety is costing today’s organizations billions of dollars in waste, not to mention immeasurable amounts of human time, effort, and frustration. Fred & Judith are writing this book in answer to countless requests to share what they have learned in their work assisting numerous organizations in achieving higher performance through building inclusive work cultures that leverage differences in which interactions are a foundation for greater engagement, collaboration, and innovation.

Safe Enough to Soar describes the different levels of interaction safety most commonly found in organizations and charts paths to help individuals and leaders enhance those interactions.

Look for more information coming soon…

Alison VanDerVolgenComment