The Kaleel Jamison Foundation—Started in 1987—is Being Renewed

Fred Miller and Judith Katz started The Kaleel Jamison Foundation in 1987 as part of the celebration of Kaleel Jamison’s (1931 – 1985) life. It was active for several years, but was dormant the last many years. We are renewing it. To watch a video about the beginning of the Foundation and Kaleel’s life, click here.

We are excited about to activate it again and to further its purpose!

The purpose of the KJ Foundation is:

  • To promote and encourage, within communities and organizational workplaces the development of cultural, racial and gender diversity, thereby fostering an environment wherein differences and individuality are valued and recognized as enhancing community quality of life and organizational effectiveness.
  • To sponsor research into and communicate information about the effectiveness, impact and productivity of multicultural communities and workplace teams.
  • To develop, test and apply new concepts of organizational development which have the potential for improving the interactions of communities, teams, and individuals within the community and organizations.
  • To create a clearinghouse for information about the philosophy and techniques of the late Kaleel Jamison relating to the individual’s inherent potential for growth through risk taking, self empowerment, and being our BEST selves; e.g., Kaleel’s book The Nibble theory; to advance and disseminate such information.

If you are interested in finding out more about the foundation, please email If you are interested in donating to the foundation, you can do so here:

The Foundation Board of Directors
Frederick A. Miller, President
Judith H. Katz, Secretary
Ratna Randive, Treasurer
Shay Miller
Sierra Carlen

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